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1597292_10153202101981635_1605890980476283535_oThis afternoon I received some more details from The Salvation Army Midland Division Disaster Recovery Services that I wanted to share with you. Volunteers are needed to help repair damages and rebuild the homes of those devastated during the winter 2015 floods throughout the St. Louis area and surrounding counties. Over 100 disaster survivors are still in need of construction repairs. That list is growing due to the recent flood activity over the last month impacting many of the same areas that were previously damaged in 2015 as well as new areas around the state.

Recruiting teams with skilled volunteers is a top priority due to the large amount of construction needs throughout the flooded area. They have several teams assisting throughout June and July, but would love to recruit more to assist in August and beyond.

If your church doesn’t have the ability to send a whole team I encourage you to share this call for volunteers with any members of your community that might possess construction experience.

Information about this call for volunteers is available on the Hands and Feet website. Please click here for more information.

Please share this update with ministry colleagues and encourage them to sign up for the Hands and Feet mailing list for future updates.

Peace, Andrew

Andrew Yeager-Buckley
Hands and Feet Coordinator / Program Assistant
Office of the General Assembly
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

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