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On August 2, 2017, the NAACP announced a Travel Advisory for African American travelers in Missouri. This travel alert, the NAACP said, “calls for African American travelers, visitors and Missourians to pay special attention and exercise extreme caution when traveling throughout the state given the series of questionable, race-based incidents occurring statewide recently …” [for NAACP news release see ]

The Office of the General Assembly is deeply involved in planning for several large meetings to be held in St. Louis including the 223rd General Assembly in June, 2018. The OGA is committed to ensuring that everyone, including people of color and other potentially marginalized participants have a safe, respectful experience wherever they travel.

In response to the travel alert, the Office of the General Assembly has initiated conversations with our partners in the St. Louis area about ways to influence the NAACP-identified climate of injustice and to provide safeguards for everyone traveling in Missouri. It is our belief that the theme of the 223rd General Assembly, “Kindom Building in the 21st Century” is lived out when we take advantage of this opportunity to promote a community of safety and justice for all.

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