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As church leaders, we often don’t know (or we are often unaware of) the impact we might have on another person’s life. How a small act of kindness, a conversation or even a mission experience can make such a difference. Today, we’re featuring one person’s experience during their very first church mission trip this past February to The Center Baltimore. Christa shares her transformative journey from “helping” to “serving”, and how her experience has connected to her work as a yoga practitioner.

The Power of Seva: Peace Project with Kate Foster Connors
by Christa Mastrangelo Joyce

Like so many yoga practitioners, I began my first teacher training with a desire to “help” others learn the benefits of yoga. This past February, I started my first church missions trip with that same mentality — that I was there “to help.” The amazing women who run The Center, a Baltimore-based organization dedicated to “Hands and Feet Missions” — a vision to inspire and equip churches and individuals to engage boldly with their neighborhoods — taught me that “helping” isn’t at all what I’ve been called to do.

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