The Hands & Feet initiative builds upon the grassroots and community work congregations, mid councils, and the national office are already doing; and dovetails with the biennial General Assembly gathering. Mission and ministry projects at the site for the upcoming 224th General Assembly (2020) in Baltimore and previous General Assembly in St. Louis are inspiring examples what you can do in your own community. We encourage Presbyterians to engage in these projects; or to participate in or launch projects and ministries at home.


The Center offers a different kind of mission experience. Through our model of pairing visiting church groups with local congregations, your group will be led by local leaders to join ongoing ministry in the Baltimore area. Visiting groups are immersed in hands-on experiences with our partners. Groups also spend time with The Center staff, reflecting on shared experiences through the lenses of Christian faith and social change.

Our goal is to send participants home with a renewed sense of call, energized to effect change in their own communities.

St. Louis

AMEN|Saint Louis – A Ministry Embracing the Neighborhood

This is a ministry of Oak Hill Presbyterian Church located in the Tower Grove South Neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. A typical week may have your group arrive on Saturday, worship with us on Sunday morning, work at a mission opportunity, if available in the afternoon, or explore St. Louis. Wednesday would be the group’s free day to explore or take in area attractions. Depart on Saturday after spending your week serving the St. Louis Area community. Our staff will arrange your mission experience. The cost for one week per person is $150. We also have overflow accommodations for larger groups. If you would like to have a shorter work week or arrange your own experience please contact us for more details.


You can contact Amen Saint Louis at 314-520-9593 or email to find out more about how you and your Mission Team can enjoy an Urban Mission experience in the Heart of America.

Flood Recovery in Missouri with the The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in St. Louis is hosting volunteers willing to help with cleanup and rebuilding in response to the winter floods of 2015. Download a promotional flyer here.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is currently working to establish a long term recovery plan with a PDA host site. In the meantime, they are encouraging Presbyterians to support the Salvation Army efforts. If you would like to be notified when more information is available please sign up for our mailing list.

  • Minimum age 18
  • Maximum team size is approximately 10
  • Helpful to have a team member with construction experience

STL Urban Missions

STL Urban Missions is a ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Ferguson, MO. Their program is a mission camp experience in the St. Louis area and it’s designed to provide a variety of work experiences such as soup kitchens, homeless shelters, youth programs and housing rehab. The St. Louis Urban Mission Camp also enhances spiritual life through Christian service.


Please visit their website at Contact Duane Mazzacavallo at (314) 497-2384 or e-mail ( for more information.

Your Community

Tips for Becoming the Hands & Feet of Christ in Your Community

Don't Go Solo

Team up with others groups, organizations or ministries who are already assisting those in need. Remember, mission is not about reinventing the wheel — and many groups would welcome the extra hands.

Offer More Education

Tap into the many resources offered by the Presbyterian Mission Agency. There are resources for gun control, dismantling racism, fighting hunger. Go to:

Get Out into the Community

Hold meetings in a local coffee shop, go on a prayer walk in the neighborhood and notice who is on the street.

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